nid-e-ay (nidea) wrote in healthmadfood,

Hi folks!

Thanks for letting me know about this community. Here are some fast, easy and healthy recipes.

Red cabbage slaw
Chop up some fresh organic red cabbage, place in bowl. Add a splash of olive oil, a dollop of spicy mustard, some basalmic and/or red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Other herbs and spices if you wish (basil, sage, tarragon...). Throw in some chopped chives, garlic greens or green onion if you want it hotter. Marinate in fridge for 30 minutes. Eat!

Grilled green beans
In a piece of tin foil, add washed & wet whole trimmed green beans, a dash of olive oil, a few leaves of fresh sage, salt. Wrap up, throw on the grill!
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