Flutterby (lady_fox) wrote in healthmadfood,

Pesto Vegetable Pasta with Chicken

Hey folks! I made a dinner tonight that was pretty darn tasty.

Soy Angel Hair Pasta (one serving per person, which was half of my box for 2)
A medium sized head of broccoli
1/4 a large onion
1 juicy lime
1 chicken breast cubed
2 Tbsp EVOO
4 Tbsp Pesto

blanch the broccoli by putting it in boiling water then bringing it back up to a boil. Strain and run cold water over the top to stop the cooking. Set aside with sliced onion (in whatever shapes you want, cubes, slices, rounds, whatever).

Cook Pasta in boiling lightly salted water to al dente, and drain. Set aside in a bowl and pour 1 tbsp olive oil over to keep it from sticking together.

Sautee broccoli and onions in 1/2 tbsp evoo, adding juice from half a lime halfway through. Take out broccoli when it starts getting brown on edges, and cook remaining onions until soft. Set aside.

add remaining evoo and chicken, and then juice of other half of lime over the top. cook the chicken cubes through.

Add chicken to veggies and mix with 2 Tbsp Pesto. Add 2 Tbsp Pesto to pasta, making sure to coat it as much as possible.

Combine all ingredients and serve. Salt and pepper to taste, and if you want grate some goat cheddar over top.

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